Ibizan Hound Dog Breed

The Ibizan hound is one graceful dog breed that has a dear like appearance. It is kept in most parks to hunt rabbits. It appearance is very distinct from the other dog breeds. The Ibizan Hound has got amber eyes with large ears. The large ears that stand alert most of the time aid Ibizan Hound to notice the movements of rabbits very easily. Most of them would have a combination of two colors i.e. white and red. Its body comprises of long wiry coating and a bushy moustache. Its tallness is unequaled and this therefore guarantees it the best jumping ability especially in areas of rugged terrain. They can jump up to five foot high easily.

Ibizan Hound is understood to have originated from Spain.it is believed that early traders who traveled to the islands at the coast of Spain introduced these breed of dog. It was used for hunting rabbits that served as food. In case you are looking forward to having the most graceful dog, then this would be your breed. Basically, this breed requires a very active life for it to remain graceful and happy.

Ibizan Hound is very aloof in character when it meets with strangers. Ideally, Ibizan Hound takes itself as equal to human and therefore stays like human counterpart. It does not misbehave when left with kids like some of the other breeds. If you are considering keeping it, then be sure to have very tall fences. They are available in tow breeds one have some wiry coating while the other one has smooth coating. Check out all about dog foods for your Ibizan Hound.

Moreover, further research on Ibizan Hound shows that they have clear vision that aid them in noticing rabbits from far. It is fond of curling its tail inside to have a deer-like appearance. It is one most affectionate dog breed to keep. Ideally, this is the right breed for you in case you live in areas of rough terrain.